Getting Started Fall 2024
August 16–18, 2024

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Getting Started is one of the most memorable experiences you'll have at Cedarville—the welcome home experience for our Yellow Jackets, new and old. From the moment you drive down University Boulevard, to moving into your residence hall, to meeting fellow students like you in your Sting group, you will be introduced to Cedarville and learn ways to begin plugging in to this community. Your family will be met with clear direction and an exciting atmosphere throughout the process as you are welcomed into the Cedarville family.

Introduction to Getting Started

Getting Started 2022 - Intro

Welcome Home

Getting Started 2023 - Weekend Recap

Getting Started Week Recap

Getting Started 2023 - Welcome Week Recap

Connect With Your Sting Group

Each new student has been placed in a group called a "Sting Group". A Sting Group is comprised of 10-12 new students led by 3-4 current students.

Your Sting Group will be added to a Microsoft Team. This platform will provide resources, information, and a connection point. You will be added to your Sting Group’s Microsoft Team in June 2024.

The goal of a Sting Group is to provide an opportunity to connect with new students and learn all about what Cedarville is and how you can get involved.

We have created a digital platform that will allow you to sign in with your email and connect with your Sting Group before you arrive on campus.


Find your Sting Group Coming June 2024.
Screen capture of a web application showing contact icons for individuals.


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